Goldin Financial Global Centre

Hong Kong - Kowloon Bay
Ronald Lu & Partners
7,800m² for the ductwork, 3,600m² for the M&E services enclosure
  • Ductwork
  • M&E services enclosure

Hong Kong - Kowloon Bay

The Goldin Financial Global Centre is part of the continuing redevelopment of the former Kai Tak Airport site. It is easy to reach and market-positioned as a practical and prestigious alternative to Central, the costly and congested business district directly across Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong island.

When fully on stream in mid 2017, the Goldin Financial Global Centre will offer 27 floors and three levels of basements, for a total of 79,200m² (852,509 ft²) of space.

It’s noteworthy that, thanks to solid, time-tested relationships with contractors, PROMATECT®-H post cladding smoke extraction duct and M&E services enclosure systems were submitted to the project consultants and were quick to achieve approval.

Other advantages for PROMATECT®-H post cladding smoke extraction ductwork include ease of on-site installation, particularly when compared directly with sprayed duct systems.