Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 4 baggage area

Singapore -
SAA Architects Pte Ltd
  • Loadbearing floor
  • Moveable platforms


Changi International Airport is a major air transport hub in the Asia Pacific region, constantly upgrading to meet changing and ever-increasing demand.

Promat Building System Pte Ltd, working closely with master contractor Takenaka Corporation and the project architects, recently oversaw the installation of DURASTEELĀ® systems as loadbearing floors in the Terminal 4 baggage handling area.
These rooms are designed to be tough and durable in order to cope with routine maintenance and servicing of the very large x-ray machines that are employed in the security processing of incoming and outgoing baggage and palletised air cargo.

The floors and the moveable platforms have to resist the consistent forces of heavy duty wear-and-tear and the repeated shock of the fully loaded platforms constantly raising up and down.

A major concern was the interface of the DURASTEELĀ® moveable platforms with the DURASTEELĀ® fixed floor. The gaps could not compromise fire integrity while maintaining functionality and workability of the floor-platform system.