PROMASEAL® Mortar is a lightweight, fire resistant, cement based product, supplied as a pre-mixed, grey powder to which water is added. It has been tested up to a 240 minute fire resistance with various penetration seals in concrete/masonry floors and walls (with an equal or greater fire resistance level).


  • Clean and economical.
  • The mortar weighs approximately 700kg per m³ as compared to 2400kg of normal concrete and 1600-1800kg of lightweight concrete.
  • Quick setting time in a few hours depending on ambient weather conditions.
  • Easy to create new holes for installation of new penetrating services and equally easy to repair.
  • Does not shrink on drying.
  • Can be installed at the last minute before inspection time or after all services are installed.
  • Comparatively more versatile and flexible to install, and more compatible with other Promat fire stopping systems.