PROMASEAL® IBS™ is a fire resistant, flexible foam strip which, when placed in joints and around service penetrations in floors and walls, will maintain the fire resistance of the separating element. In most instances the addition of PROMASEAL®-A Sealant is necessary. On some occasions a non fire resistant sealant can be applied.

PROMASEAL® IBS™ is a factory made product and can be easily verified as being installed in the correct manner.

PROMASEAL® IBS™ generally is used in lieu of a fire resistant sealant where the specifying authority or certifying body is concerned that the correct depths of sealant or the correct type sealant may not be applied by the contractor.

PROMASEAL® IBS™ accommodates movement in building services, e.g. the expansion or contraction of metal pipes, while maintaining the integrity of the penetration. It can be used for external wall joints in conjunction with an exterior grade sealant.

PROMASEAL® IBS™ is not designed for use in control joints that are designed to accommodate high or ongoing movement.


  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to install
  • Allow for pipe movement
  • Multi applications available
  • Coloured for ease of identification