1. One layer PROMATECT®-S board at one side of the partition
  2. Horizontal framing tracks, comprised of 100mm x 3mm thick flat steel plate, at 2500mm centres or at every board horizontal edge
  3. Vertical framing steel angles or channels at 600mm centres or at every board vertical edge (these framing centres may vary depending on the required dimension and fire resistance of the partition system)
    These framing steel angles or cannels should be off set so that there is a clear space between opposing angles of a minimum 10mm to prevent heat transfer through the construction
  4. Top and bottom framework forming tracks, typically comprised of steel channels, fixed to substrate using 40mm long M10 masonry anchors at nominal 500mm centres
  5. 35mm long M6 Teks screws at nominal 200mm centres
  6. Steel angle cleats joining top and bottom framework (alternatively, joints between framing can be welded)
  7. Welded joint
  8. Caulk all perimeter gaps with PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant to achieve the required fire resistance and/or acoustic performance