1. One layer of PROMATECT®-H board 9mm thick at one side of wall for heights up to 6000mm. If using two layer system, stagger all joints minimum 610mm
  2. Galvanised steel studs, measurements in accordance with Studs Tables 1~2 below, vertical studs at maximum 610mm centres (allow appropriate expansion at top horizontal track, no allowance at this track for loadbearing purposes)
  3. 40mm long M6 masonry anchors at nominal 500mm centres
  4. Caulk all perimeter gaps with PROMASEAL® AN Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant to achieve stated fire and/or acoustic performance
  5. 25mm long self-tapping screws at nominal 200mm centres for first layer board, and 35mm long self-tapping screws at nominal 200mm centres for second layer board

Studs Table 1: Single layer for heights up to 5000mm – Partitions lined with one layer of 9mm thick PROMATECT®-H using studs at 610mm centres

Maximum partition height Stud depth Minimum stud thickness Maximum partition thickness Top track Clearance at top track
4000mm 50mm 0.6mm 59mm 52mm x 35mm x 0.6mm 20mm
5000mm 50mm 0.9mm 59mm 52mm x 45mm x 1.0mm 25mm
6000mm 50mm 1.2mm 59mm 52mm x 50mm x 1.0mm 30mm
7000mm 50mm 1.2mm 59mm 52mm x 55mm x 1.0mm 35mm
9mm thick PROMATECT®-H boards will be screw fixed to the frame with 25mm self-tapping screws at 200mm nominal centres