1. One layer of PROMATECT®-H board, screw fixed to all top hat sections at nominal 300mm centres
  2. One layer of PROMATECT®-H cover strips 100mm x 9mm thick, fixed at horizontal board joints
  3. Horizontal galvanised steel sheeting rails, bolted at maximum 1800mm centres
  4. Perimeter galvanised steel angle 25mm x 25mm x 0.56mm thick, secured to floor or wall using 40mm long M6 masonry anchors at nominal 500mm centres
  5. Vertical galvanised steel top hat sections approximately 26mm x 80mm x 0.56mm thick, secured to every sheeting rail using two steel fixings at 610mm centres per rail (width of the top hat section, facing where boards are fixed at, must be minimum 50mm)
  6. External cladding sheet either single skin steel or fibre cement (please consult Promat for other types of cladding)
  7. Existing fire resistant structural steel column cladding
  8. Caulk all perimeter gaps with PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant to achieve the required fire resistance and/or acoustic performance