120min PROMATECT®-H cladding to steel ducts ≤ 1500mm Width 4

System in accordance with the requirements of BS 476: Part 24: 1987 and/or AS 1530: Part 4: 2005

  1. PROMATECT®-H board without mineral wool
  2. PROMATECT®-H cover strips
  3. PROMATECT®-H collars 150mm wide, fitted around the duct on both sides of the wall forming an L shape
  4. a. Galvanised steel channels minimum 50mm x 50mm x 0.9mm thick coinciding with board joints, spaced at centres in accordance with the duct width to ensure an unsupported area ≤ 15000mm2
    b Additional support of galvanised steel channel at middle span of the duct (please consult Promat for construction details)
  5. Galvanised steel angles 30mm x 30mm x 0.8mm thick
  6. Steel rod hangers (see page 3 for maximum stress allowance calculation)
  7. Galvanised steel channel or angle (download the brochure to consult size calculation in accordance with weight and dimension of the duct and maximum stress allowance of the hangers)
  8. No. 8 self-tapping screws at nominal 200mm centres
  9. M8 anchor bolts at nominal 500mm centres
  10. Mineral wool tightly packed into aperture between substrate and surface of the mild steel ventilation duct