Tunnel Operations and Maintenance Conference

Promat Australia Sponsored Tunnel Operations & Maintenance Conference

The two day, highly interactive conference — held in Sydney on 22nd& 23rd Feb 2017 — focused on:

  • Implementing operation and maintenance (O&M) needs in tunnel design,
  • Methodologies to improve operational processes,
  • Working with emergency services to improve response & disaster recovery,
  • New tunnel technology solutions for reduced operational costs.

Renowned international keynote guest speakers from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia provided valuable, in-depth insight for many of the problems faced by tunnel designers, engineers, suppliers and operators.

Conference case studies also examined various tunnel projects and these included WestConnex Stages 1-3, NorthConnex, Melbourne Metro, Airport Link/Legacy Way and Cross River Rail.

Promat's prestige as a leading global supplier of proven tunnel solutions did much to make this dynamic, intellectual forum a resounding success. The interaction between conference delegates, participants and visitors to the exhibition stand enhanced increased awareness for better tunnel safety and future business opportunities.

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