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Fire Doors

The design and construction of fire resisting doors is a complex operation involving the skills and specialised knowledge of architects, fire experts, door manufacturers and ironmongers.

As a leading manufacturer of fire protection products and systems, Promat can supply solutions to most proactive fire protection requirements. For further details please consult Promat.

The first principle to be considered in relation to Fire Resisting Doors is that, in most respects, they are merely ordinary doors with certain additional features, and throughout most of their life will be operating as such. Indeed it is hoped that most fire doors never have to function in a fire situation.

Fire resisting doors, therefore, have to be opened, closed, locked, latched, bolted, cleaned and maintained like any other door. They need to be able to resist the wear and tear of normal use and in many cases, of abuse. They need to be of robust construction and capable of being fitted with a wide range of glazed panels and ironmongery. They frequently need to be protected from damage.

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