Fire Protection of Steel Stud Partitions


  • Time and cost effectiveness
  • Slim walls
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Fire resistance performance

Steel Stud Partitions

Steel stud partition systems is covers both non loadbearing and loadbearing in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and high rise constructions, or in the restoration of existing buildings. Promat’s internal partition systems require less material to achieve similar fire resistant level when compared to industry average wallboard partition systems.

FRL -/60/60
FRL -/120/-
FRL -/120/60
FRL -/120/120
FRL 120/120/120
FRL -/240/-
FRL -/240/60
FRL -/240/240
FRL -/300/15
FRL -/360/360
PROMATECT®-H Steel Stud Partitions X     X   X   X   X
PROMATECT® 100 Steel Stud Partitions       X X          
PROMINA® 60 Steel Stud Partitions X X X X            
PROMINA® HD Steel Stud Partitions X                  
PROMATECT®-S Steel Stud Partitions   X         X X X  

Note: FRL */*/* (Fire Resistance Limit – *Stability / *Integrity / *Insulation)

Following are some of the factors to take into account when determining correct specifications that ensure a partition provides required design performance under both fire and ambient conditions.

  • Studwork design
  • Non loadbearing partitions
  • Loadbearing partitions
  • Deflection
  • Movement joint
  • Caulking & service penetrations
  • Fire doors & glazing
  • Partition junction

Product Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Application & Technical Manual

Promat Asia Pacific Handbook

  • Partition & External Wall Series Technical Manual for Singapore #DownloadLabel#
  • Application & Technical Manual 03 Partitions & External Walls #DownloadLabel#
  • Passive Fire Protection Building & Construction Solutions for Hong Kong #DownloadLabel#